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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Unmounted Stamps

Hey everyone,

Thought I would write up a little post about my unmounted sheets of stamps. It's been a busy and exciting few months getting this option ready for my online shop and for wholesale.

How this came about...

Big changes and big decisions. When I first started out I had no idea that I would take the business in this direction. It was also just a dream to think that one day the volume of mounting and cutting would be too much for me to do alone.

Four years later, I'm still mounting and cutting the cling-mounted stamps at home on my scroll saw. As time has gone on, I've noticed myself spending more time cutting the stamps and less time designing. Store owners, having seen your beautiful art out there on the internet, have approached me wanting to carry my designs in their shops as well. A really exciting opportunity! This led to what I call a "good problem" - I just couldn't balance cutting and designing anymore.

Am I a manufacturer or a designer? In the beginning I had to be a jack of all trades but as time went on and the business kept growing I had to decide, what do I really want to be spending my time doing?

My first solution was to look for someone to do the scroll sawing for me. I put out a few ads and did interviews. I even tried out a few candidates without finding a good fit. Actually, it was a bit of a nightmare! I ended up losing hundreds of dollars in product with someone who disappeared without a trace. Other people claimed to be proficient with a scroll saw but ended up producing cuts that I didn't feel comfortable selling... Through the experience I ended up realizing that I had actually developed a specialized skill. One that wasn't so easy to find out there.

If I wanted to sell my stamps at wholesale discounts and to continue growing my collection of designs, it became clear that I had to find another solution... Unmounted stamps are what I came up with.

My unmounted sheets

I am very happy to finally be able to offer my designs at wholesale discounts. The unmounted sheets are now available in shops around the world. I'm continually updating my retailer list on my site HERE.

I've also made the sheets available in my Online Shop. Although I still offer the cling-mounted version of the designs in my online store, I encourage customers to try out the sheets. If you like several of the designs on each sheet you can get them at a much lower price per piece. Around 40-50% off.

For shipping charges keep in mind that each sheet has several stamps on it. This increases the weight of the product. When I did the math, I found that the shipping charges for unmounted sheets are around the same price as if you were to buy all of the stamps on the sheet separately as cling-mounted stamps.

Unmounted sheet - Water Effects 1 includes Water Droplets, Sideways Droplets, Rising Bubbles and Hanging Droplet Set

Mounting your own stamps

For printing the designs with ink or paint, I recommend mounting the stamps onto cling-cushion and separating the designs with sharp scissors. The cling-cushion sticks to acrylic surfaces with a static charge. A flat hard surface such as an Acrylic Stamping Block will ensure that the stamp is pressed evenly in order to capture all of detail in the design. I am currently looking into a good source for cling-mount sheets for those of you who don't have a place to buy it nearby. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Here's a link to DT member Kellie Murton's first try mounting and cutting the sheets. She also mentions some alternatives to cling-mount. Lots of good tips in there!


Leaving the stamps unmounted

For pressing the designs into materials such as clay or polymer clay, I suggest leaving the sheets without a backing. The plain rubber will allow for more flexibility and control when pushing the designs into a soft surface. Unmounted stamps are also easily cleaned with warm water. Gently work the clay from between the ridges of the design before it gets the chance to harden.

Thanks for stopping by

I really appreciate you reading about what I'm up to :) If you've got any questions please get in touch by leaving a comment. You can also reach me on Facebook or write me an email. I check my inbox every day (except weekends). designsbyryn@gmail.com


Bye for now,




  1. I'm glad to read that creativity wins Ryn :-)
    Great idea these unmounted sheets, it works very well for me (most stamps overhere are unmounted when we buy them...and mounting and cutting makes me long for playing with stamps even more!)
    Thanks for sharing this story about your growing business all over the world....
    Hugs, Alie :-)

    1. Hey Alie, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I'm looking forward to doing more art :) Good to hear your thoughts on unmounted stamps as well. Hugs!!!

  2. I agree with all those what Alie have wrote. Goog luck for the future dear talented Ryn.:-)
    Big hugs Anja

    1. Thanks so much Anja! I'm looking forward to what the future will bring :)

  3. Great post Ryn, congratulations on your business growth. We can't wait to see what you come up next using your awesome design talents. Hugs, Shirleyxx

    1. Aw, thanks so much Shirley. Hoping to have something new to show you soon!

  4. I think it's a good idea to sell your stamps unmounted, like you said they are cheaper and the shipping costs are lower too. Cool that they already are for sale in so many countries! Groetjes karin x

    1. Yes it's really exciting!!! Thanks for the support Karin :)

  5. Great idea to sell your stamps all ove the world, they are so pretty and detailed everyone will love them and buy them, I hope the business will still grow and that you find some more tilme to design now!! I already look forward to receive my first unmounted stamps that I ordered at the "stempelwinkel" in the Netherlands!!!

    Have a nice weekend!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Maria AND for supporting me in the Netherlands :) Hugs!

  6. Great to catch up on your how your business expansion and world domination is going! :D

    1. Lol! World domination! Thanks for checking in on what I'm up to.

  7. Congrats on the business growth...love your designs! Kudos for choosing design as your priority.
    Jan in Salem, Oregon, USA

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jan. Art feeds my soul. Gotta point myself in that direction :)

  8. Thanks for this story - I always love to read how things work / are made. Not just the art, but the stamps themselves too. It must have really hurt when that person ran off with products, that certainly puts a dent in faith in humanity. But I'm glad you chose the option of unmounted sheets - it is indeed very common to do so.
    And I'm very glad you have more time to design!
    Time rushes by here too, so better spend it wisely.

  9. Your unmounted rubber sheets are fabulous quality Ryn! The rubber is thick and the designs stamp beautifully. Looking forward to seeing some of your new designs! Xx


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