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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crackle with Hibiscus

Hey everyone,
Here's a card that I made using my Hibiscus stamp designs and Crackle paste. First play with crackle paste and really liked the effect. Crackle paste NOT crackle glaze (Crackle glaze dries clear).
The green and blue hibiscus flowers were added last. Embossed in gold over a scrap of watercolour background then cut out and stuck down.
A close up of the crackle effect. Will have to play a bit more with dry brushing paint onto it when dry. I like the look of how it catches on the ridges. Recommend using it on solid surfaces though (I think I'm going to try a wood canvas next). This card was so thick and warped by the end that I had a challenging time sticking it to the mat.
The Hibiscus designs in the background were clear embossed on a watercolour background. I then added black ink over top. It filled in all the spaces around the stamped images leaving the original colour background showing through the stamped designs. All of the acrylic paints and crackle glaze came after that.
I've had a couple of requests to make videos of how I do this. Its a tricky thing to capture because there are so many stages and the process always changes. I'm always experimenting. I've tried to document the creation process a few times and the videos really didn't work. I'll keep trying. I think you're right, it's so much easier to explain visually than with the written word. I'm a visual learner too. I watch cooking shows on YouTube instead of reading recipes ;)
Ok, that's it for now! Thanks for leaving me your comments on my last posts! Love reading them :)
Bye for now,


  1. "Probably not tomorrow!'"
    Haven't had time to comment lately, but loooove your cards! I can imagine it's hard to make a video of it. For me it would means I would have to work more according to a plan, which I often don't have. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to do, but usually I just start out with something and see where it goes from there. Also, lots of interruptions. (Tea, bedtime, a distraction when I discovere a great effect so make other samples of it etc...) What I do with warped cards (backgrounds) is, before adding the embellishments/top elements to it, place it under a heavy weight for a day or two. I have a glass square shelve (from Ikea) which I use. One piece of the cardboard packaging that protected the glass is used as well, I decorated that first ofcourse (wallpaper from a sample wallpaper book) so it looks nice under the glass plate. It lies on top of one of my crafting cabinets, and stuff is piled on it. And occasionally I squeeze a card under the glass and it comes out very flat :) I love the black in this card, haven't quite understood how you did that (clear embossing is covered with the black ink or with the acryllic paint?) but it looks great. The crackle paste too!
    Hugs, Debbie.

  2. Wow, this is so lovely Ryn, all the texture , crackles and colors, great work and my fingers are itching when I think of all the paints and mediums I have.........you inspire me! Your previous post is also great, those vibrant colors........ideas coming and a lot in my head but now on paper........hugs Miranda

  3. Great vibrant colours and the crackle effect on the backgrounds looks gorgeous. Like the idea of the green/gold flower on that background...Very nice artwork Ryn!
    Hugs, Alie :-)

  4. WOW great! again a beautiful effective background textur and the dark colors seem magical and a bit mysterious.
    Big hugs Anja

  5. So cool - such an amazing background!

  6. Yes, yes, yes....please keep trying for a video!!! Wonderful work Ryn....but not quite understanding your black ink technique....oh well, will just enjoy the beauty!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  7. Gorgeous, vibrant creation, thanks for the explanation of your process, and I would love a video to watch also. I know it would be quite a process.

  8. Wow this looks great Ryn, beautiful combination of colors and I love the crackle effect. Groetjes Karin x

  9. Hi Ryn your design is gorgeous, I love the crackle effect. I also have it here in my stash of mixed media 'goodies', I need to use it more :) Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Shirleyxx

  10. WOW! This is fantastic. I've not heard of the crackle paste...another search on google must be made.Love all the color and that texture. Goes brilliantly with these beautiful flowers. TFS

  11. Ryn, this is gorgeous. I didnt even know that there was a thing like Crackle paste. That makes me very excited. I really love how you mix things up in terms of colour and textures. Like I would have never thought to make Hibiscus Flowers anything but red. I still need to get back to you about the other thing - after the the end of this week I should be more free to devote my energy into the things I love. BTW the comment above this made me laugh - about the Cheap Archeage Gold and the RS Gold - what is that about? lol. - candice-


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