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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Gallery of Creations!

Hello everyone,

I have a whole gallery of creations to show you from my Design Team today. They've certainly  been busy with the new Water Textures. I've been posting their projects to my Facebook Page as well but just in case you're not on Facebook here is everything from the last little while. Here we go!

Shirley Deatcher used Rising Bubbles, School of Fish Set and Seaweed Set in this piece. Shirley's blog post can be found HERE.

In this card Shirley used Rising Bubbles in the air instead of underwater. A neat take. In this card she also stamped her favorite character from Dancing Faerie Set and Three Leaves Set. Her blog post for this card is HERE

Karin van Den Broek used Trickling Water Set in the card below. Her blog post is HERE.

In Karin's art journal page: Rising Bubbles stamped multiple times in the background and highlighted with white. Spiral Shell is also hiding in there as well. Karin's blog post is HERE.

 Eileen Godwin used Raindrop Set in this colorful tag. Visit her blog post HERE.

 Wendy McCarthy used Raindrops below in her Bambi inspired card :) Her blog post for this can be found HERE.

Wendy used Luna in this card. Love the technique on the wings! Her post for this card is HERE

Miranda Degenaars has had a really prolific week and a half! I don't think I can post everything that she's been up to. If you check out her blog posts you will find more inspiring projects there. Here are some highlights.

Below are a few CAS creations that Miranda created. Here blog post for these cards is HERE. This one uses Rising Bubbles and Dreaming Mermaid.

 The card below used Seahorse Set and Sea Bubbles Set.

Miranda used Spiral Shell in the card below. Her blog post can be found HERE.

Last but not least is my favorite Miranda creation of the passed week. In it she used Seahorse Set, Sea Bubbles Set and Seaweed Set. Love the rays of sunshine that she created in the background. He blog post for this card is HERE.

Phew! That took a long time to compile :) Aren't these ladies talented?!
Be back again soon. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mermaids and Sea Scenes

My jaw dropped today when Miranda sent me the link to her latest blog post. She used a selection of my Sea Themed stamps to create some stunning underwater scenes. They are a great combination of focal stamps and background textural stamps.

Love how Miranda highlighted certain segments of Sea Bubbles Set below. Seaweed Set also looks great layered along the bottom in different colors to create a sense of depth.
Love the silver embossing with Seahorse Set as well as the clear bubble accents.
 A very appropriate quote to go with Sea Bubbles, Spiral Shell and Seaweed Set
This is a stunning use of Dreaming Mermaid. I love what Miranda wrote in her post about the mermaid in the bubble. The subtle eye shadow and blush is cute too.
Miranda's first use of Raindrop Set.

The card below is by Wendy. She tells me that she had the idea of combining Rising Bubbles with Left Corner Mermaid since she first saw the new designs. I can see why. They look great the way she put them together! In this card she also used School of Fish Set and Kelp. More details on Wendy's blog HERE

Below are three tags that Eileen sent in today. The middle tag is her first use of Rising Bubbles from my new collection. The bubbles work really well highlighted with white on the top and bottom. The more the white stands out the more 3D the bubbles look. Love Eileen's color work as always. Whether it's fish or flowers the vibrancy she creates always makes me feel good.

Well that's it for now. I look forward to showing you some more examples using the new Water Effects stamps. Bye for now :)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Water Droplet Stamps!

Hello everyone,

I am very happy to announce the release of a new set of stamps! After getting such a lovely response for my Water Droplet design I decided that I would get to work creating more water texture stamps. It was quite the challenge as I first needed to study quite a bit to get the effect to look 3D. You definitely challenge me as an artist. I like that - it pushes me to become better by stretching what I am comfortable with attempting :)

Here are some of my initial sketches. I began with graphite to get the feel for light passing through water... Then I moved to using pen. To create a good impression when stamped the image needs to be made up of tiny black dots. I'm sure there is a way to do this on the computer but I still hand stipple each image using a point 005 Micron pen...

Yes, the process does drive me a little crazy after a while ;)

A couple of weeks studying You Tube videos and making many many mistakes condensed into a set of six new images that I could feel proud to release. There were several others as well that didn't make the cut. Perhaps next batch - they needed a little more refining. Below are the new stamps!

It's always exciting to have a first play with the new stamps when they arrive. Here are my first projects using the new Water Textures. Hope they give you some ideas :) All of the new stamps are available in the Textures section of my website HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!