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Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Designer Spotlight ~ Amanda Southern

Hello everyone :) Before I get to sharing some art from Amanda just a quick note to let you know that I've restocked my shelves. Many stamps that were "Out of Stock" on my Website are now available including: Water Droplets, Water Droplets 2, Sea Bubbles Set, Kelp, Koi Set, Raindrop Set and Trickling Water Set. A big Thank You for being patient with me. Managing my inventory has been quite the learning curve. I think I'm getting it slowly ;)

Now on to today's spotlight... A few weeks ago Amanda Southern kindly sent in a couple of projects that she had made using my stamps. Right away I was blown away by her use of Trickling Water Set and invited her to do a Guest Designer Spotlight. Didn't she get the drops to look wet in these?! Just gorgeous! You can visit her blog post Here.

I sent a couple of stamps to Amanda and this is what she came up with using Raindrop Set and Spiral Shell... The text in the drops really stood out to me. Also loved the combo of Sprial Shell with real shells.

This second card uses Spiral Shell with Sea Bubbles Set. Amanda's created a neat contrast between black and white and the colourful centre piece. Notice how she added white to the middle layer to blend the two? Great idea!

A little bit about the artist...

Hi, my name is Amanda and I live near Southport in Lancashire with my partner, 2 dogs and 15 chickens. I have been paper crafting since 2009 where it started with a bit of a dabble, now I am totally addicted and get extremley frustrated that I just don't get enough time to play. My style of paper crafting is a bit like my choices in music, it just depends what mood I am in or who has inspired me. Love Amanda X

Amanda posts all kinds of creations to her Blog. I highly recommend a visit. It's full of inspiration!

Thanks so much for popping by. Please do leave a comment if you are inspired to. I always love hearing from you. Bye for now :)



Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some Inspiration from You

Hello everyone! The weekend is almost here and I am off to the country for a family reunion. I hope we continue to get sunny weather. Perhaps not as hot as it has been here lately. Yesterday with the humidity it felt like 45 degrees! 

Before I head off into the land of no internet, electricity or plumbing I've got some more projects to share with you using stamps from my collection. As always a big thank you to everyone who has shared their creations :)

My store will be operating as usual while I am gone from Friday to Sunday so feel free to pop by for a visit. I will answer any emails that you send my way when I return to civilization next week (Monday). Also, a quick note about Out of Stock stamps... They are on their way from my manufacturers and I am aiming to have them fully processed and ready in a bit less than two weeks. If you would like a notification when they arrive feel free to send an email to designsbyryn@gmail.com

Okay, let's move on to some inspiration!
Card by Karen Buckle using Water Droplets. Her Blog Post.

Card by Bonnie Klass using Water Droplets. Her Blog Post.

Card by Caro Brabenetez using Raindrops. Her Blog Post.

Card by Amanda Branston using Raindrop Set. Her Blog Post.

Tag by Debbie Howie using Silhouette Dove Set, Leafy Branch and Raindrop Set.
 Also by Debbie Howie using Silhouette Dove Set and Raindrops.

Canvas by Janet Warren using Trickling Water Set and Raindrops. Her Blog Post.

Card by Anja Hardenfels using Raindrop Set. Her Blog Post.

Another by Anja Hardenfels using Raindrop Set. Her Blog Post.

Thanks for stopping by! If you see anything that catches your eye I'm sure any of these ladies would appreciate a comment on their blog. I've added all of the links under the photos. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

It's Happened Again...

It's happened again... I have a project overload! Not complaining at all. This is fantastic! Thanks so much to everyone who has sent in photos of their creations using stamps from my collection :) Thought I'd post them all on here so that each can be seen and appreciated. I'm adding all of the creator's blog links so if you see something that you like please do visit and spread the love.

Oh! And a quick note about out of stock stamps... They're being shipped from the U.S. tomorrow... Hurry up UPS!!!

Okay so starting with... Anneke van Groen from the Netherlands using Water Droplets

Suz Humphrey using Water Droplets. Her Blog Post

Karen Bourke using Water Droplets. Her Blog Post

Rae Dalal using Pansies and Raindrop Set. Her Blog

Betty Schaub using Water Droplets. Her Blog Post

Thank you so much for visiting :) If you would like to get in touch with me my email address is designsbyryn@gmail.com and my website is www.designsbyryn.com

Adios for now,