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Monday, May 13, 2013

Customer Projects

Hello Everyone. Last week was a wonderful surprise with all of the projects sent in to my email or Facebook Page. I kept a list of every one with the intention of posting to Facebook but there were just too many to give each proper time to be seen. I thought the best way would be to post a few at once on here. Beneath each photo I've listed the artist and where applicable, their blog post. I've also written the names of the Designs by Ryn stamps used. Enjoy!

 Piece by Pauline Orr (Blog Post)
Rising Bubbles, Clown Fish, Spiral Shell

Tag by Amanda Branston
Raindrop Set

Tag by Samantha Ratcliffe
Water Droplets

Tag by Julie Steed (Etsy Store)
Trickling Water Set
Twinchie by Pauline Butcher (Blog)
Trickling Water Set
Card by Mandz (Blog)
Water Droplets
Card by Di Howard (Blog Post)
Rising Bubbles, Koi Set, Sea Bubbles Set
Card by Cornelia Wenokor (Blog Post)
Water Droplets
Card by Zoe Russell (Blog Post)
Raindrop Set
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Meet Lisa Lomas

Hello everyone! As you are all probably aware by now, I love seeing what people come up with using my stamps. Many of you have sent in creations to the Designs by Ryn Facebook Page and also to my Email account. A giant Thank You :)

A little while back I received an email from Lisa full of creations that she had made with her new Designs by Ryn stamps. I thought to myself that these needed a little spotlight of their own and asked her to send along an introduction so you could meet the creator.

So everyone... Meet Lisa Lomas!

Hello, my name is Lisa, I'm still on the good side of my 30's but only just! I've been making cards for about 11 years now, occasionally branching out into other art projects, my sewing is not up to much though. I love using stamps and have recently started making my own backgrounds with them which I find useful as you can't always find the papers you need! I have 2 lovely sons who enjoy getting 'arty' cards from their mum and often raid my stash to make some essential and messy project!

My house is usually a bit messy as I'd rather be creative than tidy, luckily I have the world's best husband who has not only made me a craft area but also gets the duster out occasionally, and does all the ironing! 

As for me, I love to go for long walks and spend ages in the bath! I read lots of creative magazines and the occasional blog, though I don't have one myself, in fact I found Ryn's stamps on a blog from Paper Creations By Shirley, she does some lovely designs with them. Must go, I wish you all happy stamping!! ;-)

Thank you Lisa for sharing your wonderful cards with us!