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Friday, November 01, 2013

November Sales and Customer Gallery

Hello everyone :) To welcome in November I have started a new Sale for the month.

Flower Lace 2 ~ $4.49

Flower Lace 1 ~ $4.99

Climbing Vines ~ $4.99

Over the last few days I have continued to receive beautiful projects from you. I so appreciate each of you taking the time to share your creations with me and the online community of Stampers. Below you'll see a selection of cards, an art journal spread and lastly some mixed media clocks from new artists and some that you might recognize. I hope you enjoy browsing and encourage you to visit the blogs of the artist's that you enjoy. I've included the links wherever possible.

To begin, I have several pieces from Amanda Branston. You might recognize her from my Facebook Page. She's contributed regularly by posting her creations to my wall and by leaving comments. A special thank you to her for being such an active and positive member of the community :)

In this piece Amanda used Ornate Leaf Set and Fiddlehead Set from my collection. HERE is her blog post for the next three pieces and more!

In the last two cards: Spiral Set

In this card: Abstract Leaf Set and Rising Bubbles.

In this piece: Abstract Leaf Set, Spiral Set, Fiddlehead Set, Ornate Set and Raindrop Set. Amanda's BLOG post. Now on to some other customer creations...

Joukje used Kelp, Sea Bubbles Set and Seahorse Set from my collection.

Barbara Cleggett has also posted many a project to my Page. Thank you so much Barbara :) In this project she used Three Leaves Set. You can visit her blog post HERE

Debbie used Trickling Water, Raindrop Set and Water Droplets in this piece. You can visit her blog post HERE

Dörthe used Stylized Tree Set in this card. You can visit her blog post HERE

Karen Clare AKA "the Clock Lady" used Circle Cluster Set. In the clocks below she used Kelp and Sea Bubbles Set. Her blog post for these creations is HERE

In ths card Karen used Sea Bubbles Set. You can visit her blog post HERE

One more from Karen Clare. She used Water Droplets in this piece.

Sonja used Raindrop Set in this piece

Dirk used Wanda and Rising Bubbles in this card

In this piece Dirk used Seaweed Set, Wanda and Rising Bubbles. You can visit his blog HERE

One last piece for today by Rosie Schirrmeister. She used Compound Leaf, Water Droplets and Ornate Leaf Set in this card. You can visit her blog post HERE

Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to send in photos of your projects you are most welcome. No matter what 'level' you think you are at I always enjoy seeing :) You can post to my Facebook Page or send me an email at designsbyryn@gmail.com

Happy creating! Bye for now :)



  1. You make the best stamps! Your blog is an inspiration!

  2. Again stunning cards with your lovely stamps Ryn! Kind regards, Alie :-)

  3. Great to see these pieces of artwork here Ryn! warm greet Mirandax

  4. Wowowow, wonderful artwork here. Thank you for showing my card.

    Have a great weekend

  5. A blog post FULL of stunning cards!! I've put a link to this post on my blog!
    Super work! Everyone xxxx
    Eileen xxx

  6. Lovely and very divers artworks! Great to see them, and thank you for showcasing my card.
    Debbie / Daqa


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