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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Customer Creation Gallery #7

Hello everyone. Wishing you well with your holiday preparations :) I'm a little late sending out cards. Will get to that after this... Just a quick post for now. Here are some of your sent in cards. Many thanks!

Card by Heike Linnek using Water Droplets. You can visit her blog HERE

Page by Wlma Voermans using Celtic Star 4 in the background.

Card by Ute Rohmann using Water Droplets 2. Her blog post HERE

Card by Barbara Cleggett using Pansies and Three Leaves Set. You can visit her blog HERE

Tag by Alie Hoogenboezem using Water Droplets. Her blog post HERE

Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. What a beautiful collection of various art works with Ryn's amazing stamps.
    Hugs Anja

  2. You have some great artists making your water look really wet! Impressive.

  3. It looks like all the buyers of your stamps, are sooo happy with the stamps Ryn...lovely cards...my favorite this time is Ute's card!!! Amazing how the drops are laying on the card with the leave in between...
    Kind regards, Alie :-)

  4. Gorgeous cards, Ryn - it must be so nice seeing what people are doing with your fabulous stamps. Your water droplets stamps are truly inspirational...

    I made another card with one of your moths the other day - perhaps I should send you a photo!

    Sorry to have been out of touch for so long. We've had quite a year with the house move and everything, and sadly my beloved Dad died on Friday.

    Shoshi x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment on my bog, Ryn, and I'm so glad you like my effort with the moth. I have experimented with the video and if I try and make it at a higher resolution, my computer can't cope with it... I think I can get better detail in future if I actually zoom the camera rather than holding the thing closer to the lens which makes it go a bit out of focus. I am hoping my technique will improve as time goes on. Also, I need to remember to take photos with my digital camera during the process, because stills from the video are never such high quality. Big learning curve, this!!

    Shoshi x

  6. Thanks for another nice comment, Ryn - yes, my dad was indeed a character! He was a complete one-off and delighted in his eccentricity.


  7. Such beautiful projects, love them all! xx


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