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Friday, May 16, 2014

In Search of Clear Water

Hey everyone,
The weekend is here again and I am looking forward to a couple of days away with my friends. Hope you enjoy yourself as well - whatever you have planned. It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. That means an extra day off for most people and fireworks. Do you celebrate this holiday where you are?
I thought I would post something quickly before I take off. This is a card that I made a little while ago using Clown Fish and Seaweed Set from my collection.
The background is a combination of Dylusions Spray Inks. I used modeling paste with a stencil from TCW on the left and rubbed some Distress Ink on top to add a bit of colour. It's hard to see in these photos but I also brushed on some gold acrylic paint from Golden.
The colour combination was a strange one for me but I just kept working with it. I brought out the greens by rubbing ink around the borders and stamping Seaweed Set in a clear area. It's organic form created a neat contrast to the almost mechanical feeling geometric shapes of the stencil.
I made the Clown Fish for another project but decided that they fit this one better. I never would have expected that I would like the bright orange on that background but I think that somehow it works. I imagine the two characters on a journey through the polluted ocean to find some clean and healthy water.
Well that's it for now. I hope you like my latest little experiment. Wishing you all a great weekend wherever you are :)


  1. Wonderful creation, love the background.

  2. Beautiful, great colorcombination. Enjoy your weekend away!
    I have never heard of victoria day, but wikipedia does, haha
    Groetjes karin x

  3. These Clown Fish are delightful Ryn and the darker left hand side with the modelling paste through the stencil works so well as a contrast to the lovely light bright colours on the right hand side. The foliage is extremely pretty too. Your use of colour and texture is just great. x

  4. Beautiful creation with these clownfishes Ryn! Lovely contrast between the left and the right side and the structure is beautiful, just love it! Like Karen said we don't know Victoria day here....have to google it! xxMiranda

  5. oh Ryn this is stunning. and the colours work so well together xx

  6. Beautiful background Ryn, and your clown fish are so pretty! Xx

  7. Looks terrific Ryn. I really like the colour contrasts and that's a GREAT idea to use a metallic acrylic paint over the modelling paste. xxx

  8. Hi Ryn, your card is gorgeous, I love the structure/texture you created along with the inks and beautiful fish. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend :) Hugs, Shirleyxx

  9. I've been absent (from crafting and reading blogs) for a few months, and just started reading some missed blogposts - yours was one of the first to read as the amount of unread blogposts from you is managable because you don't make a blogpost daily, it's hard to keep up with blogs who post more then 2 times a week. Too bad I missed the droplets sale! But other sales will come up :).
    I also love how you show your cards here, and explain the process behind them and the things you learn and discover.
    I like the card and colors. Sometimes it's fun to challenge yourself by wanting to use two strong colors and make it match. (Although some creations just failed in my case, hehe).
    Have a lovely week and enjoy the days!

  10. Welcome Ryn,
    Your blog inspired me, even though it was for me no small undertaking, because I do not know English, but once I brought for you some of your stamps to Polish. I love them, they are among my most precious ... I used to even visit your shop, because I had no money to buy it all, what I liked, and unfortunately I like everything :-)
    Everything you create is unique and beautiful.


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