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Monday, April 06, 2015

More from Guest Designer - Ellie Knol!

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great Easter/long weekend :) Thanks for stopping by!

I've got a second spotlight for Guest Designer Ellie Knol today. She's made three new creations with the stamps that I sent to her and has written up how she made them. Hope you enjoy!!! 

If you would like to read a bit about Ellie or see her last fabulous photo tutorial HERE is the link to her last Spotlight. You can also visit Ellie at her own blog HERE

Ok, on to Ellie's projects in her own words...

Who on earth would not like playing with these stamps - the Honey Locust Leaf is my most favorite stamp from Designs by Ryn!  
Those drops? Can you have two most favorite ones please? 


The African daisy needs to be on this background as far as I am concerned!


To make the background was easy peasy:  just spray some inks onto cardstock, put plastic household wrap over it, leave to dry, and voila!  
The stamps from Designs by Ryn do the rest.. .. aren't they gorgeous?
The drops were stamped on the background, and also on a seperate piece of paper. I then cut them out, and adhered the cut-out drop over some of the stamped drops. 


  1. Absolutly GORGEOUS! Ellie I love your artworks and your funny way to describe them....Ryn your stamps are so nice and inspiring!

  2. Lovely pieces! Love the raised droplets. X

  3. Thanks to all of you... ENJOY !

  4. Prachtige kaarten Ellie!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!!!

  6. Beautiful designs, Ryn! Thank you so much for your lovely message of support for me and my hubby while I've been in hospital. I am so happy to be home again. Lots of lovely messages to reply to and it's going to take some time! Please keep an eye on my blogs for further updates as I get time and energy to do them. In the meantime my recovery is going well, but it's going to be a while before I'm up to strength again, but I can already feel my creative juices beginning to flow again now that the elephant is bowing out of the room!


  7. The kitchen foil technique is great and so much fun to do! Lovely artwork, dank voor het delen!

  8. Three lovely pieces of work Ellie and I love the colours you have used. I adore that beautiful fern like leaf and the pretty African Daisy with that quite delicate background,and then the third with that gorgeous shell, and the cling film leaves a wonderful pattern on the card, and all have those gorgeous water droplets. x


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