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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twinkling Pinwheels (Hibiscus)

A Swap with ColourArte

A few weeks ago I received a personal message from a woman named Leslie on my Facebook Page asking where she could find my Water Droplet stamps. It was a few messages later that I realized that she was the owner of a company called ColourArte. To be honest, I didn't know much about their products. Only that I had seen the catchy name of one of their products online, "Twinkling H2Os".

I thought it was great that she'd contacted me in such a down to earth way and that she didn't flaunt who she was. We got talking and decided to do a product trade. Why not?! I'd never played with Twinkling H2Os and she wanted to try out my stamps. I couldn't wait to combine them with my designs. Especially the Hummingbirds, Moon Wings and Hibiscus stamps...

It's been a great experience so far! My Design Team and I received a generous amount of paints to experiment with. If you've never played with Twinkling H2Os they are basically watercolour paints with sparkle! Each colour arrived in a little lip gloss container. I've tried watercolour paints in tubes before but just couldn't find my groove with them. These are cakes. They come dry. Simply add water and the the pigment loosens up and becomes paint.

Some Unexpected Advice...

My boyfriend took a look at the paints and gave me a valuable piece of advice from his experience painting little figurines for table top gaming... He always painted metallics over a black base to accent the effect. Normal paints over a white base to brighten the colour.

To test his theory out I used black card stock as a base and embossed my Hibiscus stamp in black and gold. The embossed design created little walls which ended up holding the colour beautifully! I wanted to make sure that I got a thick layer of paint down so that the colour would show on the black base. The spaces between the linework acted like little troughs that held a lot of paint.

My father snatched this one before I could finish it as a card. Lol. He said it was done.
It's always hard to capture "sparkle" in photographs. Hope this close up shows the effect. I didn't mix colours for this experiment.

I used so many of their little paints in this that I'm not going to list all of them. So far all of the colours that I've used have shone beautifully! Here's a link to them. I want more... They're kind of addictive in those little lip gloss containers. The magpie in me wants to collect all of them. Lol. My boyfriend stopped me for now ;)

Well that's it for me for now. Thanks for stopping by!



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  2. Wonderful suggestions and beautiful work!

    Betsy at www.PaperCalliope.com

  3. I agree that Twinkling H2O's are addictive. It has been years since I tinkered with watercolor, but I am back because I tried these paints! Beautiful work, Ryn!

  4. The colours are beautiful Ryn and on the black card they stand out fantastically. I have seen them but never used them myself, but they do look quite easy to handle as the texture when the water has been added appears nice and creamy. x

  5. These turned out beautifully, especially on that black background. I love your hibiscus stamp, too! I love all of the ColourArte products, and you will, too, I am sure! :)

  6. Hi there Ryn!

    How lovely to catch a post from you! Beuatiful work and what serendipity to link up with Leslie as you did.

    I have to admit, I have every H2O colour there is and adore them. BUT, you gave such valuable tips here today (great boyfriend you have there chick!) - I need to revisit them toot sweet :)


    Di xx

  7. These are great Ryn and what a fab trade you managed to do....great job! x

  8. Love it!!! Twinks are my favorite watercolor media for that glimmer!!! I am going to try them on black with embossing. Thank you

  9. You've only discovered these now?! Really... they've been made for you and your stamps !!

  10. Wowww, thats beautiful....super!
    Greetings Carola

  11. I can see why your Father 'snatched' this one Ryn, I too like it.
    And the way you used the colours in the Hibiscus.....have to dig out mine and use them again....soon ;o)

  12. I too have ALL the Twinks, but have not used them for quite awhile...will have to fix that right away!!! They are wonderful and look forward to seeing what you do with them. In case you do not know, be sure to let the cakes dry completely before you put the lids back on!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  13. Great examples, your beautifully detailed stamps and H2O's a match made in heaven!

  14. Beautiful results on the black Ryn ! Have a great day. Hugs, Shirleyxx

  15. These are so stunning, Ryn!!! Makes me want all the paints too. I'm impressed that they showed up so well on black card stock. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  16. Gorgeous cards! What fun trying these great products!

  17. Wow, you made beautiful creations, also many thanks to your boyfriend ! I have Twinkling H2O for many years now, but apparently it came from a company named LuminArte' . Is it the same one ? It's beautiful to work with, and just this week, I used H2O to color your lovely hibiscus flowers, the card is on my blog. Greetings, and have a lovely weekend ! Enny

  18. Thanks for the information on the Twinkling H2O's. I will definitely be purchasing a few of these to color your hummingbirds :-)

  19. Super résultat ! je connais les H20 mais je n'ai jamais fait sur fond noir.. - vos timbres sont superbes, va falloir que je les trouve en France..

  20. Super résultat ! je connais les H20 mais je n'ai jamais fait sur fond noir.. - vos timbres sont superbes, va falloir que je les trouve en France..

  21. I was painting my hummingbird Perfect Pearls and the result is truly amazing.


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