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Monday, March 21, 2016

Guest Spot with Ellie Knol!

 Guest designing again for Designs By Ryn..I am happy! 
I´ve used a tiny part of a masterboard (I´ve done a tutorial on this here) as the base, and used those similar colors to color Spiral Shell and the Rising Bubbles. I used watercolor pencils to do so. 


  1. I love the pretty blues and pink mixed to purple Ellie, and the texture in the background from which that spiral shell stands out beautifully, and the rising bubbles are perfect on the base card too. x

  2. Fabulous card. Love the 'piece' of the master board and then what you've done with it. The spiral shell and the bubbles are perfect with it. A really delightful card.

  3. Brilliant subtleties in this creation, wonderful work!!!
    Shaz in Oz.x

  4. It's lovely Ellie, like the centerpiece with the soft colors.

  5. Ellie, I love your masterboards and techniques! Love Ryn Designs, too!!!! Would love to see a video of your masterboard process! :)

    1. As soon as I know how to, and have the equipment, I will start making video's!! :)

  6. Thanks all... I was very happy to be doing the guest designing again... who wouldn't with these beautiful stamps??


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