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Monday, March 24, 2014

Customer Gallery #11

Hello everyone,
I see other people take to social networking without any troubles but for me it has been a step by step process. Every move towards more exposure has been a little scary. Posting some of my cards in this space over the last few days has been one of those steps. I've been inspired for years by the art of my Design Team (blog list on the right hand side) and by other blogs that I have seen but still timid about putting my own art out there. I just want to thank the people who have left such encouraging comments here and on Facebook. I really appreciate you taking the time :)
Okay, so on to your art. This post is about you after all. As always, I loved seeing all of these creations as they appeared on my Facebook wall or in my inbox. Thanks to everyone for being brave and for sharing their art. A winner for March will be randomly drawn and announced on April 1st. Oh dear... That's April Fool's Day isn't it? I assure you, it won't be a prank ;)
Hélène Côte Bleue, the winner of last month's Customer Creation Draw made this with her prize, Flying Hummingbird 2.
Hélène's blog post HERE.
A mixed media canvas by Wilma. Her blog post HERE.
This and the next are by Evil Edna. In this card she's used Seahorse Set. Her blog for this card HERE
Evil Edna's second card using Flying Hummingbird 2. Her blog post HERE.
A card by Shaz using Water Droplets subtly in the honey comb. Her blog post HERE
These last two are by Frédérique. The first uses Water Droplets 2 and the second uses Trickling Water Set and the largest drop from Raindrop Set. Her blog post HERE.
That's all from me for now. Hope you enjoyed this gallery and have found some new and inspiring bloggers to visit :)


  1. i am always inspired to see how differently we all end up while having Ryn's designs as a starting place. I also am very happy to be included with on a page like this when I have the desire to do a wayne's world "we're not worthy." bit - oh hell just gave away my age.thanks again.EE

  2. Great to see these Ryn...April 1st is a great day to choose your winner...it's my birthday...seriously ;0) x

  3. wow, what a talented stampers! I adore the last posts...
    Kind regards Ryn

  4. Beautiful and inspiring artwork here to see ladies! Congrats to the winner, greetz Mirandaxx

  5. Hele mooie kaartjes en leuke stempels
    Liefs Rianne

  6. So inspiring to see what everybody does with your stamps! Congrats Helene, your tag is beautiful!

  7. TFS...these are so pretty and inspiring!!!


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